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Artist Hung Viet Nguyen
Journey to Freedom
oil on canvas
12 x 24 in.

Journey to Freedom
Original, oil/canvas, 12"x24" (2002)

"Gloomy mood, even the sun is dark and lifeless. Dinghy little boat in the middle of the ocean. The waves are bright, living, moving, and miles high. Ready to swallow this little craft, where terrified and exhausted refugees hanging on for their life.
When I first glanced at this paintings of Hung Nguyen, the emotion took me over. I was just stand there till I was not able to see it no more behind my teary eyes. What a pain, what a fight, what a price one has to pay for their freedom! This painting is now hanging above my bed, reminding me every day how precious our freedom is. Freedom is not free!" - Eva Maria Matte.