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    Timelapse video of Los Angeles artists Kelly Berg and Hung Viet Nguyen


    “One of the most difficult feats in art is to be joyful and innocent without being corny, and Hung Viet Nguyen pulls it off. In the cell-like forms I see the artist’s study of biology but also an echo—whether conscious or not—of the great Viennese painter Gustav Klimt.” - Dr. Malcolm Warner, Executive Director at Laguna Art Museum. (2012)

    "Nguyen's background in biology also taught him to perceive nature and life at a cellular level, a tendency he has also brought to his paintings. Although his landscapes are far from realistic, with their candy-colored palette and sometimes Seussian compositions, they abound with intricate details born of a keen attention to nature's exquisite patterns and textures. As an artist, Nguyen is largely self-taught, and over the years he has sought inspiration from the works of many masters. In his Mindscapes, in particular, we can see the influence of modern Western artists such as Klimt and even Chuck Close in his mosaic-like floral patterning, Van Gogh in his generous applications and sculpting of oil paint, and Hockney in his meandering landscape compositions and upbeat, sunny palette. "Some of the influences I only realized and found out after the artwork had been completed for awhile," he explains. "They were happening unconsciously." He has also looked to his Asian roots for inspiration, studying traditions as diverse as Chinese scroll paintings, Japanese woodblock prints and ceramic decoration.” – Meher McArthur, Asian Art Historian (2013)

    "Hung V. Nguyen’s detailed, jewel-toned landscapes, which he has called Mindscapes, seem fresh, direct, nearly child-like at first glance. Upon close inspection, the paintings recall many periods and places in art history, as well the influence of specific artists from many eras." - Karen Fitch McLean, Recreation Specialist - Art Show Coordinator, Community Services City of Beverly Hills. (2013)

    "...Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of these paintings, however, is how all of the disparate elements in the compositions achieve such unity as to make the landscape appear to be single anthropomorphic organism, with rubbery, writhing limbs possessed of weird kinetic life." - Ed McCormack, Gallery & Studio Magazine. (Apr/May 2007)

    "His landscapes are intricate, painterly, vibrant in color, and demonstrate not only the skill in his brush strokes, but also reveals a world of abstraction and curiosity which he pursues." - Ginger Van Hook, Photographer/Writer/Curator. (2011)