• Artist Hung Viet Nguyen - Ancient Pine #30

    Artist Hung Viet Nguyen painted Ancient Pine #30
    Ancient Pine #30, oil on wood panel, 48 x 84 inches (122 x 213 cm), 2021

  • Artist Hung Viet Nguyen - Sacred Landscape IV #15

    Artist Hung Viet Nguyen painted Sacred Landscape IV #15
    Sacred Landscape IV #15, oil on canvas, 84 x 48 inches (213 x 122 cm), 2019

  • Artist Hung Viet Nguyen - Ancient Pines

    I have visited the Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest (Big Pine city, California) many times (summers 2003, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017...). The trees grow between 9,800 and 11,000 feet (3000-3400m) above sea level. Many are well over 2,000 years old, and some of the oldest in the forest are dated at more than 4,000 years old.
    (2015 - present)

  • Artist Hung Viet Nguyen - Sacred Cove/Mindscape

    Through many years, artist Hung Viet Nguyen has been hiking at the local beach Palos Verdes, then he processes the landscape into his unique oil painting.
    Sacred Cove/Mindscape, oil on wood panels, Triptych 72 x 120 inches, 2013

  • Artist Hung Viet Nguyen - LA ART SHOW 2018 - Nguoi Viet Daily News (Vietnamese)

    Reporter Dan Huynh of Nguoi Viet Daily News and artist Hung Viet Nguyen reported few art scenes at LA Art Show 2018

  • Artist Hung Viet Nguyen - Inspirations from coastal Palos Verdes, CA - Nguoi Viet Daily News (Vietnamese)

    A short document about artist Hung Viet Nguyen and his nature inspiration toward his art by journalist/camera/photographer Dan Huynh of Nguoi Viet TV

  • Artist Hung Viet Nguyen - Ancient Pine Tree over (Ego) Self-portrait

    Painting Ancient Pine Tree over my Self-portrait; My ego was nothing compared to the beauty of Nature.

  • Artist Hung Viet Nguyen - Sketching ANCIENT PINE #12

    Oil sketching directly on panel from a photo I took at Bristlecones Pine Forest.

  • Artist Hung Viet Nguyen - International BOTART

    I start with few rough sketches in order to find a good composition. Once I am satisfied, I manipulate the paint medium into forms, spaces and movement that I have planned. Although my painting process seems to have a constructed methodology, my artwork develops on its own accord and is independent of my will. I rarely control it because painting is a spiritual practice. It is a mystery that I do not dare try to explain.

  • Artist Hung Viet Nguyen at VNTV (Viet News TV) - Art San Diego (Vietnamese)

    Mr. Quang Vien at VNTV (Viet News TV) in San Diego interviewed artist Hung Viet Nguyen about his art and the current art fair Art San Diego.

  • Artist Hung Viet Nguyen at VNTV (Viet News TV) - Awards at SDAI, San Diego (Vietnamese)

    Ms Van Anh interviewed artist Hung Viet Nguyen after he had received the awards at San Diego Art Institute (SDAI) Biennial International Award Exhibitions (2013 & 2015)

  • Artist Hung Viet Nguyen - Artist in Residence in Hollywood - Nguoi Viet Daily News (Vietnamese)

    Nguoi Viet TV interview artist-in-residence Hung Viet Nguyen by reporter Ngoc Lan, camera man Dan Huynh, photographer Thanh Nguyen at Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood.

  • Artist Hung Viet Nguyen - SYMPHONY (2005)

    Throughout the many years of hiking along the ocean coast, I noticed the interplay of the rocks and of the water, from observing the thunderous crash of the waves upon the rocks roared with the different sound, to the pebbles that glistened with water.

  • Artist Hung Viet Nguyen - SYMPHONY - VNCR (Vietnamese)

    Ms Ysa Le interviewed artist Hung Viet Nguyen about the new series painting "SYMPHONY" exhibiting at Vien Dong Daily News in October, 2005.

  • Timelapse - video of Los Angeles artists Kelly Berg and Hung Viet Nguyen

    Time-lapse recording seven days artists residency at Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA

  • Artist Hung Viet Nguyen - LAX Exhibition - OUT OF THIN AIR

    Curator Ginger Van Hook PhotoJournal and Documentation Video at Los Angeles World Airports - "OUT OF THIN AIR" Terminal 1-Gate 2.


    Modern Art Blitz At LA ART SHOW 2018