Artist Hung Viet Nguyen
Coastal Sensation # 28
oil on linen
60 x 48 in.


Tandem SOLO, Café Cultural Gallery. Los Angeles, CA
Juror: Karen Frimkess Wolff, Artist & Independent Curator

“OUT THERE” (2009)
Gallery 825. Los Angeles, CA
Juror: Bert Green, Bert Green Fine Art, Los Angeles

“ In this painting, there are recognizable things: nature elements as land and water, plant and animal,…also there are imaginable things: a pink symmetrical form as two female join in the middle and support another female on the top who is stretching her body, which two green hills as her breasts and a white mountain as her chin. With imagine, one not only can see the Spring landscape, but also can see three dancers are performing the dance to celebrate Spring season, or three bathers are taking bath surrounding by the nature during Spring time.” Hung Viet Nguyen